FaceBook responses on Law Minister’s ‘clarification’ that a fine is the ‘norm’ in Woffles Wu’s case

Many Singaporeans do not accept Mr Shanmugam’s explanation and continue to demand for answers on Facebook
“There’s nothing to defend..2 similar cases but 2 different sentencing? Simply not fair..need a review…seriously…” – Bobby Liu
“Its funny if you look at it this way , why a need for the Law Minister to come out and give a view which isn’t even what we call a point of view just for one Woffles Wu ? We don’t see him to come out speak on the laws on drink driving , hit and run or other court sentences .An obvious hint that Shanmugam makes up his owns laws or indirectly telling us the laws can close it’s eyes as long as you are rich ?” – Yeo Seng Leng
“A fine has already been imposed and only upon public outcry, they now say investigations are still ongoing. Is it the norm of law courts to pass sentence and then say, wait…investigations are still going on ??? How ridiculous !” – Robert Wong
“The law here is nicely crafted to protect the rich & powerful.. It’s an open secret which the rich & powerful know very well..” – Ng Teck Guan

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